Cargo insurance

Secure your cargo at all stages of transportation

The insurance service is not mandatory for any cargo, but CubexGlobal always recommends it. And in fact it is beneficial primarily for the owner of the goods (BCO). It compensates for financial losses, which are quite possible both during the transportation process and at the stage of transfer / acceptance of cargo.

What does shipping insurance protect against?

Each transport company on assumes obligations for transportation, but their responsibility is clearly regulated, while different situations can always arise along the way. Risks that arise can only be compensated if there is cargo insurance.

Typically, such risks include:

• Intentional or unintentional damage by third parties
• Crash
• Fire, natural disaster, catastrophe
• Theft as a result of robbery
• The acceptance of all or part of the consignment
• Fraud

Insurance cost

The price of insurance depends on the amount of risk it covers. Choose one or another option is based on the selected type of carriage. Insurance options that are usually offered:
• Insurance against all risks.
• Responsibility for a private accident.
• Without liability, with the exception of a crash - for sea transport

By booking a shipment at CubexGlobal you will receive an explanation of all insurance points that will help you make the right choice of an insurance policy.