Shipping terms and Chartering glossary

Term Meaning
Rail Waybill The bill of lading issued by rail carriers to their customers.
Rate basis point The major shipping point in a local area; carriers consider all points in the local area to be the rate basis point.
Reconsignment A carrier service that permits a shipper to change the destination and/or consignee after the shipment has reached its originally billed destination and to still pay the through rate from origin to final destination.
Reefer A container with a self-contained refrigeration unit, used for the transportation of perishable cargo.
Release Approval Document to advise that goods are available for further movement or action.
Return Cargo A cargo which enables a ship to return loaded to the port or area where her previous cargo was loaded.
Revenue Ton A ton on which the shipment is freighted.
Rolling Cargo Cargo which is on wheels, such as truck or trailers, and which can be driven or towed on to a ship.
Ro-Ro Ship Freight ship or ferry with facilities for vehicles to drive on and off (roll-on roll-off); a system of loading and discharging a ship whereby the cargo is driven on and off on ramps. Equipped with large openings at bow and stern and sometimes also in the side, the ship permits rapid loading and discharge with hydraulically operated ramps providing easy access. Fully loaded trucks or trailers carrying containers are accommodated on the deck.