Make smarter shipping decisions

Instant bids and bookings

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Destination port
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Shipping with Cubex Global

Instant Bids
and booking
Paperwork solution
Realtime shipment tracking
Central Dashboard
One central

Bid for spot and book online in seconds

Experience real time spot bookings without involving long and complex process

Store and manage all your paperwork in cloud

With our blockchain technology you never have to worry about the integrity of shipping documents

Realtime visibility of your shipment

Get real time shipment alerts and notifications

Smarter data for smarter decisions

Our analytics dashboard keeps you informed on the important metrics for gauging the health of your business

Clear communication and customer support

Our customer support staff is available throughout to answer your queries

Cubex Global wins Ocean Innovation Award
for The World Economic Forum's Uplink Challange

World Economic Forum
Oman Technology Fund

The future of logistics is Already here

Significant time saving

You don't have to experience hassle of manual bookings again

One central platform

Bid, book, track and trace. All in one place

Reporting and Analysis

Get automated reports and updates

Experts and Technology

Tamper proof data for your business


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